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10 Low Cost Ways To Add Curb Appeal To Your Home

Exterior Updates Boost Curb Appeal And Create The Desire To Look Inside


We all know that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This is especially true when selling your home and it is wise to get all of the finishing touches done well before your first potential customer arrives. Just as staging the inside is extremely helpful in getting your home sold quickly, so is beautifying the outside. After all, besides just during the initial drive by, the buyers are standing in your yard or at the front door while their Realtor is locating the lockbox and/or the keys. Sometimes this can be for several minutes so the buyer has plenty of time to look around and critique any areas of neglect.

  1. Upgrade Your Front Door. If a brand new front door is not in the budget, be sure that the door is clean and cobweb free. If possible have it re-varnished or spruced up in a warm and inviting color.
  2. Replace Old Hardware. Make sure your hardware is not old and tarnished. Consider replacing the door hardware, hinges and lockset.
  3. Tile The Doorstep. Tiling a design on the doorstep creates a permanent “welcome mat” and creates added interest.
  4. Install Outdoor Lighting.  Not only does lighting provide safety it is pleasing to the eye and creates interest. Light up trees, planter beds and landscaping, illuminate the length of the path creating a welcoming walkway.
  5. Build An Instant Garden. A container garden is very attractive and easy to quickly put together. The home improvement stores sell some ready-made containers or better yet create your own in different shapes, sizes and heights to create a vibrant focal point.
  6. Mailbox Makeover. Be sure your mailbox is not old and worn. Let it complement your home with the use of fresh paint and perhaps some flowers or plants at the base.Mailbox
  7. Spruce Up Your Planter Beds.  Planter beds should be pruned and weeded and the borders should be clean and not tired-looking. Plant some new flowers and/or add mulch. If your front yard lacks interest consider a planter bed from scratch.
  8. Add Some Outdoor Art. Water features and fountains are increasingly popular and the sounds are soothing and give an air of freshness on hot summer days. Otherwise a birdbath or a sculpture creates added interest.Bird Bath
  9. Update The Gutters And Downspouts. Clean out any debrisand make sure they are clean with no peeling paint. If you do need to replace consider the newer snap-fit vinyl systems that are easier to connect together and do not require painting. At the same time repair any rotten wood and fascia board.
  10. Garage Door Facelift.  This should also be clean and in good working condition. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders, if a new door is not economical.

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